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Catch Up + Current Schedule / Update + Future Plan + A Word Or Two (APRIL 2013) by
24 April 2013|0 talkative person(s)

Assalamualaikum and a very lovely day to all~  :D

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to everyone that I did not update recently~ I think the last time I update is around October last year. It's not like I did not want to update, but because of my tight schedule, I keep forgetting to update every time I have the chance. That is because I'm using that free time for me to have enough rest.
If you're wondering what I have been doing since last October, here's some stuff that you guys might interested to know;

Pretty much it. I'm pretty busy with all the stuff that I need to catch up. Honestly speaking, I need some space to breath.
Another reason is that my internet connection in my collage are kinda slow, so I can't really surf the net much, since it's a hassle to just wait for a good internet connection.

So that's the end of explanation of what's going on from October 2012 until recent. Now I'm going to explain my current schedule / update, which is since after my last final exam paper (14th April 2013).

After my final exam, I have to stay at Arau for a while. That means, no holiday for a while. Why? Because I have to attend training for the coming debate competition. By the time you guys read this post, I'm currently waiting for our flight to Kuching, Sarawak for Keyalang Debate Open.

With my team mate, Aidi Sauqee~ :D
I personally feel a little disappointed because the Penang Debate Open supposedly to be held on the 18th April,  but because of PRU13, they have to change the date of the competition. (I think that's the reason). Oh well, that only means I have to constantly travel and it's going to be a very busy week / month for me. Which means, no holiday for me. Oh well, a great man need to sacrifice something for a greater good.
Praying that everything went well while I'm there, amin.

Next, I would like to explain my future plan after I came back from Sarawak.

We're supposedly be back to Penang / Semenanjung on 29th April, 11.30AM. That is, if they stick with the original plan, which is I hope that's the case.
After that, I'm thinking of creating another blog. Not that I want to leave this blog; my other blog is more to personal blog; what's going on around me, what I've been doing. This is mostly are for my family, friends and anyone that close to me, so I'm still deciding if I should private my personal blog or not. But I think you bros want to get some updates about me, so I guess I should let the setting as it be.
Then, I'm going to stay at KL for a while, then visit Jengka since my best friend are dying to meet me, then going back to Rompin, again because of my best friend. Of course, my family as well.
I'll be staying until Teacher's Day, then I have to pack my stuff back for going back to Arau to train my junior for Penang Debate Open. I'll be the judge for the next event instead of as a contestant. It is for give way for the junior to took part of the competition in university level as well.

I think that's all for now. But before I go, I think it would be wise if I should say something a word or two.

It's been a while since the last time I'm riding an airplane to go somewhere. The last time is when I was a little kid, to Medan, Indonesia if I remember correctly. For that point, my ambition is from a teacher to a pilot. That is, is when I was a little kid. When I was still an innocent, pure kid. *ehem*

But as I'm getting older, things changes without I even realized. But apparently, thanks to that changes, I found my true, real talent; ICT. And it's all begin in Rompin, Pahang.
Sitting here in Penang International Airport makes me realize how much things change, and because of that, I'm also changing. You can also say that I'm evolving according to the development and advancement of current technology.

What I'm trying to say is, the original plan sometimes is not the correct and accurate plan for you. You just have to move along and improvise on what you're going to do in the future. You can't expect things goes according to plan; it will in some certain cases, but in life, that's not really the case unless if you're wise and smart enough to predict your own future.

Which I try before, and epicly fail. I still remember I'm studying my Physic subject back when I was in high school, and I'm studying so hard, I'm aiming for 'A' since you need to get great grade to enter piloting school. But ever since Form 4 until the end of Form 5, I end up getting 'C' or 'B' for my Physic subject, while I got 'A' for my ICT subject. Every single exam. Even SPM.
So after a few discussion with teachers and family members, I decided to pursue IT field, and apparently, IT field fits me perfectly.

I never expect of taking IT in the first place. In fact, I'm consider IT as my hobby since I know that I'm good at IT stuff because I'm always explore for myself whenever I want to know about IT stuff.
Basically, you need an aim first. If things change, improvise. That way, even you can't get what you're aiming, you got something much better for you in the future. Try to think about it for a second. :)

Aim high...I guess I'm not 'aiming' high enough.

Oh yeah, speaking of aiming, I always aiming high, but in this case, I guess 'sky' is an appropriate answer for the picture above. xD
Well, I guess I can 'jump' higher than the picture above later, when I'm going to Sarawak. :)

That's all from me folks. Wish us luck in our debate competition, for both BM and BI team. I'm aiming high. Sarawak, I'm coming for you.


A Little Walk Make You Wonder : Alor Setar by
17 October 2012|0 talkative person(s)

Assalamualaikum and a every good evening. :D
Before I want to write about today's entry:

This entry is dedicated to you, N.

Today, I've decided to go to Alor Setar. There's a lot of reason why I want to go back to Alor Setar, and some of them are:

So, to begin my story, I slept kinda late yesterday, around 3AM for some reason. And luckily, I woke up pretty early, around 8AM. After some preparation, I decided to go out around 10.30AM because I'm supposedly have to wait for someone. But last minute canceling makes me decide to travel alone. So I ask my friend to sent me to KTM Arau, but unfortunately, I missed the morning train (as the next train would be on 7PM), so I decided to have a breakfast at Arau then head to Kangar to catch a bus to Alor Setar.

Humble breakfast at KFC Arau

Ignore the picture above. As I said, a humble breakfast. Anyway, after having a breakfast, like I said, I decided to catch a bus to Alor Setar. And I thought it's going to cost RM8-10 per trip. To my surprised, I'm using Transnational, and it's only cost RM5. My first impression was: That's cheap!
So, I sat alone and thinking during my travel to Alor Setar. My first question is: Are Google Map really accurate? How I'm going to my destination from one point to another point?

So, after I arrived at Terminal Shahab, and the first thing I do is checking the map, distance from the terminal to City Plaza. It's quite near, so I decided to take a cab. I think it's about 5-6km, and it's RM10. Worth it? Maybe. Anyway, once I arrived at the City Plaza, I'm eager to check some places...Kedah Medical Center, or KMC for short. There's a reason why, but I won't tell you guys coz it's rather personal.

So I decided to use my "trusty" Google Map. And according to the map, KMC should be near. To my surprised (damn, so many surprises), it's not KMC. Rather, it's a government's building. At first glance, it does look like a hospital. Then I started to ask the local about it's location. Supposedly, it took about 5-10 minutes by car to go to KMC from where I am at that time. I want to go, but I don't have any business there, so I drop that and decided to walk inside the City Plaza.

It's been a while since the last time I've been there. As a traveler and a journalist (well, not a real journalist, so-called one lah), I'm trying to collect some information with my sight. If necessary, I have to asked the local if I want to know something.

There's something I want to buy actually. A sweater shirt. Not the zipper kind of sweater, but it's a shirt, but it's rather a bit thick than normal shirt. I remember I own one before, but I can't remember when. As I recall, it's not actually mine, someone gave it to me. So I decided to have for my own. But unfortunately, none of the shop sold that. Bummer. So I decided to go to the top floor. The cinema and the arcade.

The current show that's playing during that time is "Cinta Beruang", "Aku Terima Nikahnya" and Hantu Kapcai". Honestly, I could understand "Aku Terima Nikahnya", but "Cinta Beruang"? Dude, seriously? A bear?'s a worse joke...Pedobear? HAHAHA! xD (Google it if you didn't know what it is, or simply click the word)

Sorry, I got carry away. Anyway, since I'm alone, watching a movie alone is quite unusual and a bit awkward, as I've been trained to watch with another person or more. Minimum 2 person including me is needed. So I decided to hit the arcade. There's no longer my favorite "Time Crisis 4" there, so I decided to play another shooting game. Something to do with elevator, but I've played it before. It just this time around, I'm playing it solo. As I advance, I've never played a shooting game that long during that time, consider that I'm playing it solo. After I died in that game, I decided to play another arcade called "Initial D 5th Arcade Stage". You must be wondering "Why the hell you telling us all about this thing?" Relax, there's a reason. I'll tell you at the end of the entry.

I was wondering around and I saw this. I was like KYAAA! It's finally released in  Malaysia! When I look at the price, I almost split my Coke before I'm choked. You read it right people, for original N3DS game, it'll cost RM230. -.-

So, around 6PM, I decided to have dinner at McDonald's.'s been a while since the last time I ate McD. As usual, I decided to eat my usual Double Cheese Burger. And lucky me, it's McValue Dinner time, so it's pretty cheap. After that, I decided to go back to the campus.

Sounds a simple walk, right? But during all this event, I've think a lot because of some curtain event that occur. To be honest, when I'm at Kangar, I told someone that "You'll learn under two condition; either you want to learn or you have to." It's a bit weird, as I learn because of both reason. Call me a serious type guy, I might be that kind of person. So, here goes:

While I'm at Arau, I saw a guy, Chinese I guess. And my first thought was: Why he's choosing to be like this? What cause it to be like this?
And as the thoughts flowing, it accidentally includes the much more worse group; the beggar. To be honest, I've been encounter a group of beggar before. The worse one is when I'm travelling to Rawang during that time. He's Chinese, and he's demanding that I should give him money. I though of giving RM1, considering that I'm a human being, but when he ask for more, I started to ignore him. And it's get worse; he started to force me in an annoying way. To be honest, I swear to God that I'm going to punch that beggar's face, consider his cocky's tone he used and the way he's annoyed me. Everyone around me was watching the scene, waiting for what's going to happen next. At that time, I didn't care at all if I actually punch that beggar.
But I'm trying to live without violence. So I scream to that guy that if he keeps annoy me, I'll call that police. And he ran. Well, that works. But I think a punch would solve the problem faster though. Who cares, there's a lot of witnesses that can support my statement as "self defense" and "public harassment". But like I said, I'm trying to live without violence, so...
Ops, sorry. Off topic. Anyway, the Chinese guy I saw back at Arau makes me think, and the only thing that came across my mind was "He's an earnest man, trying to live his life the way it's suppose to be." In other words, effort. Yes, effort. In fact, even that guy is only working as one of the cleaning services, he's doing something to survive. At least he's not going to annoyed other people, beg of money. I mean, where's our pride on that? Beg for money?
But I think back, and I blame both part; the beggar and the system. The beggar, for not take the effort to change his/her life, and the system that didn't encourage them to do something even the simplest job world can offer.
I don't usually blame one side, I blame both sides. I usually said to most of the peoples that "There's no right or wrong in this world; it just two different opinion."

That's that. Another thing that I learn is I'll never trust Google Map if I'm going back to Alor Setar. I mean, the major buildings were okay like hotels and bus station, but the school and the hospital were actually moved to other location. So, if you ever want to look for a place and you're using Google Map, please check other possible and reliable maps and information that you can find. Seriously. Google Map for Malaysia is actually outdated, and i don't know for how freaking long was that. Prove? If you're living at Rompin like me, you can see the Rompin Beach Resort (RBR for short) is actually located the opposite way then the actual location for RBR.

Next, something happen back at McDonald's. It's actually kinda common thing happen inside McDonald's, but I've never actually see it for real.
What it is? Simple; someone is taking some stuff from the condiment bar (the place where sauce, spoon, sugar and pepper), it he's taking a huge amount of it. And again, it was Chinese.
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't racist. I wasn't believed it myself, but it's the truth that I actually saw with my own eyes. Anyway, he's taking a lot of spoon, sugar and pepper and put it inside a bag.
I was thinking this kinda person, and the sentence "Take for granted" pop up inside my head.
As I'm thinking about this, I remember something happen to one of my friends. She's keep bursting out at Twitter, saying about a person that have backstabber her. To be honest, I've feel that before. A lot. And it's actually painful. That's why our mom and dad always told us that "We need to choose our friend carefully." To be honest, I have lots of friends, but I don't really blend into the peer too much. As the result, even if I had a friend who's smoking, I won't get influence by them to smoke along. And another result is you'll somehow left behind something great happen. Pretty much they'll remember you when they need you. But I already adapt that kind of situation, so...
I had a best friend back at Rompin. At first, he wasn't a smoker, and in fact, he's against smoking. But look at him now, he's a smoker now. But I don't blame him, it's because of peer pressure and his own stress. That's why it's important to choose your friend and learn how handle your stress wisely.
Why people take something for granted? There are most probably a lot of answer, but one of them that I could think of is greedy. People always want to take something on his/her own advantage. But remember, what goes around comes around. People would might going to used you as their advantage. Give and take, that's what you'll need to do.

Next thing that I learn is when I'm at the cinema. Most of the times, I used to be alone, do things alone and solve things alone. You can say I'm a lone wolf. But for some reason, deep inside my heart, whenever I want to do something fun, I want to do it with someone that's close to me. With that, it caught me thinking, no matter how long you want to be alone, in the end, you'll need someone, one way or another. I keep thinking about it when I'm standing in front of the counter, and I left with a sigh.

On the way to Kangar, alone inside the bus.

It's time for me to go back to campus, and I decided to used Mara Liner bus~ It's a bit expensive than Transnational bus (RM6.30), but as long as I've reach my destination, it should be fine. 
Behind me was a beggar, but I can't assume his race though. Why I say he's a beggar? I'll explain later. With that, my conversation with him makes me thinking.
It all start when I pull out my laptop from my beg because I want to charge my phone. The beggar notice my action, and he's kinda fond with my laptop. But he asked me rather weird question:

"Is that a TV?"

I said no, it not. And he guess it was a computer. I say it was correct, and he's getting more and more interested. I just show the basic function of the laptop, but I didn't show him that a laptop can play video and songs, as I don't want him to keep bother me. He's kinda satisfied, consider thousands of question from him. Then he asked another question. He asked my age. I told him that I'm nineteen (sembilan belas in Bahasa Melayu), and he thought that my age was ninety (sembilan puluh). I repeat again that I'm nineteen, and he said "as in 1 and 9?" (Satu sembilan?) I said yeah, 1 and 9. In return, I asked his age. He said that he's 5 and 0 (Lima kosong). Fifty, for short. When we're arrived at Jitra (which is he's destination), he said "Welcome" (Selamat Datang in Malay) instead of "Goodbye" (Selamat Tinggal). I just repeatedly say "Selamat, selamat", as I remembered my Add Math teacher usually said that to me. He grab a cup, and I can hear "kaching kaching" sound. The sound of the coins. With that, and he's sloppy look, and the way he's talk, there's no mistake that he's a beggar.
After he left, I keep thinking about him. I mean, he know about basic stuff, but that's it. He's limited to things that he need to know.
With vast amount of information and technology has evolve, he can only can say basic thing. Then it came back to square one, effort. During his young, does he have the effort to do something to change his life? I mean, my Pak Long (my oldest uncle) is way beyond 50 years old, but he's still standing, he's kinda wealthy and most importantly, he's educated. So what's makes this two person different? I keep wonder about it, and yet, the answer remains the same, effort.
So guys, without an effort, we couldn't change our life. Our decision will decide how's our future look like.

As I came to Kangar, my heads had clear a bit. Actually I'm in the mood swing mood, but with all those thinking, I'm actually educate myself to be more mature, more open and think something critically before I started to do something. And I finally came back with a smile.

So that's all for today. Basically, it's one of my ways to makes me think, so next time if I went to somewhere alone, I'll blog about it. I mean, what I've been thinking during my travel. Until next time, see ya! :D

What is GIS? by
10 October 2012|0 talkative person(s)

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all. :D

As I write this, I was wondering some of the IT jobs that is available in Malaysia. Then I came across Esri which was introduce from my cousin a few months back. I wonder what it is, so I've done some of the research about it. For IT and Geometrical student, you're in the right place to seek for a job, because GIS is the most demand job so far (as I heard).

Have you ever wonder a world without a map? Did you know how people gain information about the weather and display it to our television with colors? Have you once in a while check the mall's map when you're lost inside a mall? Have you notice there's different colors that represent something?

That's GIS, which is stands for Geographic Information System. As you can see the above picture, that's one of the examples of GIS. According to Esri website:

"A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.
GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.
A GIS helps you answer questions and solve problems by looking at your data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.
GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework."

So, what's the benefit of using GIS? There's a lot of benefit in different fields. Among the are:
Economic slowdowns around the world are forcing organizations to rethink how they operate. Many are realizing they need to find a way to do business smarter using in-house resources. Now is the time to invest in geographic information systems (GIS), a solution that has helped many organizations overcome their operational challenges and deliver improved profitability —using GIS software and data allows them to make better, more informed business decisions. ( Source: )

Defense and Intelligence:
Most national security decisions involve geography. Whether assessing potential terrorist targets, planning where to strike on the battlefield, or deciding where to locate a new building with minimal environmental impact, geography always comes into the equation. GIS software plays an increasingly important role in making these types of decisions. ( Source: )

GIS technology provides the education community with tools to develop a greater understanding of our world through geospatial data analysis. With GIS, students and faculty can integrate and evaluate data from many sources to develop new theories and knowledge. This helps prepare students to meet the demands of the twenty-first-century workforce, whether they are involved in science, government, or business. Libraries, museums, schools, and universities are also increasingly using GIS for resource management, facilities management, and advanced research. ( Source: )

Now here's comes another question: What do GIS Professionals do?
I've been talking about maps, but GIS career is more than that. GIS professionals visualize, analyze, and model our world to help organizations make informed decisions.
GIS careers typically include responsibilities such as:

So, if you're looking for a job in the future for Computer Science and Geometrical students, GIS might be the job for you. If you need more information, just visit Esri or Esri Malaysia's website.
Until then, keep gaining information! ^_^

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